Overseas Students

Students from overseas are advised to arrive four weeks prior to commencement of the Semester. That period of time could be utilised in finding accommodation and the overseas student acquainting himself/herself with the locality. It is advisable that they report their arrival in the UK to the Administrator of the school for the completion of registration and admission formalities.

Non-Arrival of Student

In circumstances where a student has obtained visa in the home country to study at the Graduate School of Management and the person has not arrived in the UK we enter into correspondence to find out the reasons.

It is crystal clear from our experience that in some cases the student could not come over due to severe problems. We have one such case where the student was pregnant. We advised the student to deliver in her country before coming over to London , as it will not be possible to do so in the UK .

As a student she could not go on the NHS facilities, as that will be tantamount to consumption of UK public funds in violation of the rules and regulations applicable to overseas students.

Some students have indeed informed us of their problems and that there will be a delay in arriving for the course. We arranged additional tuition for such students on joining the course.

Death of the sponsor, change of mind by the sponsor to carry out the promise to help the student also contributes to the non-arrival of student.

Our train of policies offer a great deal of flexibility in its carriage for the late arrival of students.

Students may still join a semester two weeks after course commencement. After this period they may join the next semester.

On the other side of non-arrival, lay the fact that the prospective student was not successful with the student visa application.

In such cases, we enter into the process for the refund of tuition fees paid for the programme. In all cases, we demand the refusal notice arranged on FORM APP200, from the British Embassy or High Commission to certify that refusal was indeed the basis of non-arrival.