It is often said that life is what you make it and that applies so well to life in London. London is a lively city with plenty of activities — whatever your interests. An invaluable asset is a street atlas (A-Z).

In case you are confused as to the type of transport to use, it may be of interest to know that buses charge inexpensive fares as compared to the Tube (Underground train).

Students who intend to purchase their own means of transport must first of all check whether their remittance is adequate to undertake this onerous financial responsibility. Equally important is the fact that certain overseas driving licences are not valid in the UK.

The official organ responsible for licensing operators of most means of transport is the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office DVLO, Swansea. It is your responsibility to check with the DVLO the validity of your licence before operating any means of transport requiring licensing of the operator.

Weekly Living Expenses In London
Living in London is a challenge to everyone, given the fluctuating nature of living expenses. The student, especially the overseas student, is advised to adopt a rule of thumb approach in setting what will be a near ideal budget in relations to their living expenses. Living standards in London vary from locality to locality and it is therefore unrealistic to give firm minimum or maximum prices for accommodation and utility charges. However, the following can provide an idea of the possible levels of weekly expenses on basic needs
Accommodation - £70 (exclusive) for a room. £180 (exclusive) for I bedroom flat
Food - £50 (Light eater), £60 (heavy eater)
Transport - £35 (short distances), £65 (long distances)
Entertaining friends - £50
Petrol - £35, Gas bill £20, Electricity bill £25

Hostel Accommodation
The Graduate School runs an advisory service to cater for your needs. We have our own houses/flats which are let to students who prefer to live with other students. Those students who want to be accommodated elsewhere are put into contact with a reliable source. On many occasions, families who have rooms to let specifically to students approach us.

Married students and families
The Graduate School has limited facilities for students in this category; generally such accommodation in the UK is severely under pressure. The Graduate School will of course render help in locating suitable accommodation for married students and their offspring, but it is stressed that the situation is more difficult than single people and ultimate responsibility lies with the student.

Health and Safety
The Assembly point for evacuation in case of fire is as displayed on the premises.
Students are made aware of the existence of a FIRST AID KIT on the premises.
The Administrator is the First Aid officer.