Course Fees
Course fees are made up of tuition and course material fees. Such figures change from year to year and details are available on request.

Fees Refund Policy
1 The applicant confirms that all the details provided in the application is up-to-date.

2 The applicant agrees to be bound by GSM rules and regulations in force from time to time and to follow acceptable codes of behaviour, attendance and academic performance. The applicant must show concern for staff and other students. If in the opinion of GSM, a student’s continued presence would be detrimental to the satisfactory conduct of the course, GSM may expel that student.

3. All fees must be paid in full prior to course commencement unless a payment plan is arranged with the Administrator. In case of termination of study for any reason, the full contracted fee of the course becomes immediately due and payable to GSM.

4. Refunds are willingly made in accordance with the policy below:
4.1Registration fee: Material/activities fee No Refund
4.1.1 Tuition Fee as follows::
4.1.2 Withdrawal 8 weeks to commencement of course Full Refund
4.1.3 Withdrawal 4-6 weeks after the course commencement 60% Refund
4. 1.4 Withdrawal less than 4 weeks after the course commencement 70% Refund
4.1.5 Withdrawal 7 weeks after coursecommencement No Refund

4.1.6 Withdrawal the day of course and up to 16 working days after, for the following:

a. Short Courses up to 10 weeks No Refund
b. Courses longer than 10 weeks duration 10% Refund
c. Expelled from the school for misbehaviour No Refund