The Graduate School of Management extends a hand of welcome to this world famous institution.

As an independent co-educational institution, we are free to offer you all that is possible to make your learning fruitful. A fruitful learning experience is all that you require as a tool to undertake the profession you desire. The GSM established in 1980 originally to cater for the educational needs of United Kingdom residents, possesses well over 19 years experience In the provision of the educational requirements of overseas students.

If you are an overseas student, in other words if you are under UK Immigration control, it is advisable to be aware of the laws and regulations attached to your stay in this country. You are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week and full-time during the holidays. You are to attend lectures regularly.

Absences due to sickness must be supported by a medical report. You are also not allowed to consume public funds e.g. CHILD BENEFIT, HOUSING BENEFIT, TAX CREDIT, JOB SEEKERS ALLOWANCE ETC. A list of such benefits is displayed on the notice board for your perusal.

It is equally advisable to bring to the attention of all the home students i.e. those free from immigration control that regular attendance on the course is of paramount importance if a student is to grasp the rudiments of the course for examination success. Moreover, companies who have given days off from work to their employees or sponsored for courses, always contact the Graduate School of Management to check on their progress. All students no matter their category should meet with the school Administrators when they need advice on all academic matters.

The world is quickly changing and we have to change with it as there is no escape from the volcano of change that is still bursting on us. We therefore advise all our students to take part in the short courses in computer literacy.

There is no extra charges to students, who are already in GSM programmes, be it long or short-term courses. The ability to reason logically, greatly hinges on your ability to calculate. Should you have problems with basic arithmetical issues you may join our short course in Numeracy.

If you are in doubt as to the relevancy of your chosen course to your future career, you have to meet with the Director of Academic Programmes for counselling on this matter. The Administrators handle all appointments for such matters.


During Mrs Thatcher's prime ministerial years, under the youth acquisition of skills programme, the school was one of the leading grounds for training in Computer Science, Information Technology and Numeracy.

For the substantial period of the existence of the GSM, through its academic programmes have given and restored hope to several thousands of individuals from all parts of the world and varied stations in life. Currently, several nationalities are represented in our midst. We have dealt with all nationalities on this planet

The student population representative of all nations adding up to the staff, also expressing same varied nationalities together could only be described as a sort of a UNITED NATIONS ; GSM is thus pursuing diversity policy and providing equal opportunities for all.

In 1986 the GSM abolished school fees and replaced it with course fee sharing scheme. Under this scheme a student pays no more than a share of what it will cost to run a programme. It then made it inexpensive for the student

As a result of this scheme many students completed their courses far below the total cost of the amount that they should have paid in line with a tuition fee built up on inflationary trend. And of course, that was 18 year ago.

We introduced into the education system a four-semester intake cycle by the commencement of our courses in January, April, July and October. Each intake of students running for a year. It is possible therefore for students to start a programme at any time.

In fact, our system greatly contributed to the breaking of the backbone of the traditional summer long vacation. The same system was implemented within our overseas centres. Thousands of students have benefited from our fine educational craftsmanship full of innovation.

We have done more for the business community as well when 20 years ago the GSM's L1CENTIATE IN MANAGEMENT SCIENCE opened the gateway for thousands of business people to turn around their businesses and manage them better.

Year 2005 will see us opening up the BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CLINIC. This is an open invitation to the business community to come to us for treatment for the many ills that plague companies in this modern age.

There are so many changes taking place in the business world and with our expertise as academicians, we are able to track down these problems for appreciable solution. With the aid of modern technology our consultants will source data for those involved in the import/export business.

We will offer a listening ear and a helping hand to all Individuals engaged in business who come to us for advice. They will realise that time spent with our Advisers will usher in a wonderful era in their business management careers. The GSM is not new in this field.

The consultation days and hours are Monday and Thursday from 3.00 pm to close at 8.00pm. Other days by appointment. If you are in business and interested in this service, please, call us on 0208 885 5396 or 020 8558 7467 between 9.00 am and 5.00pm