The main lecture

In this area the lecturer delivers the details of a particular subject area. A lecture on any type of subject will be highly interesting when the contemporary and comparative issues form part of it. The Head tutor often meets with the lecturers to discuss the areas they cover. By this method there is a check on the way the subjects are taught.

The Discussion Group

Discussion groups are formed on a particular subject area. Discussion group members are advised to research on a given topic and the time for the discussion set. This is the time when the student is afforded the latitude to display his/her knowledge on the given area. The lecturer also has the chance to find out whether the students indeed understand the topic.

The Tutorial Session

Whereas in the main lecture student numbers will be about 30 or more, the tutorial sessions only have 8 students maximum. It is again the turn of the lecturer to control the tutorial session. It is indeed a short discourse on a topic and the students have the opportunity to bring their questions on the subject or personal experience relating to it. Unlike the main lecture of 2 hours duration the tutorial session is 1 hour, so therefore three of the tutorial sessions per day will have about 24 students involved

The Coursework

The coursework as part of the teaching method; give students the chance do undertake an exercise on a topic after a lecture. Apart from being a barometer for the measurement of student understanding within the classroom environment and completion of the assignment within a set time, it is also indirectly a preparatory menu for the main examination diet and its pressurised atmosphere.

The Homework

Traditionally, it is supposed to occupy the student at home. However, it affords the student a greater freedom to research and in a large number of cases seek support from friends and family, on a particular subject or even surf the internet etc for ideas. The proverbial sky is the limit applies here!

The Assessment process

This is part of the teaching method and is always in motion. Extensive Course-work form an integral part. Internal examinations are held at the end of each semester in the subjects taught for the external examinations.

Our Expertise

Our courses delivery is so excellent that GSM students continue to attain first positions in the external examinations.



Textbooks and other course materials are expensive. In order to reduce costs for students, the school operates a book and materials scheme that allows for students to borrow required textbooks rather than having to purchase them.

To make use of this scheme, students must pay a full refundable book bond equal to the full price of the book being borrowed.

The bond for a book must be handed to the Administrator before a book can be borrowed. The bond will be refundable fully on the following terms:

  • The book is returned in the same condition as when it was borrowed
  • There are no notes, underlining or writing of any kind in the book
  • The book is returned within 4 weeks of its return date.