GSM aims to help the long-term unemployed in its catchments areas (North and East London ) where multiple deprivations exist, to improve their employability with a view to gaining sustainable employment.

The client groups will include young people aged 17 -25 and adults over 25 years learners.


As an education and training provider, the school will work towards community-based learning, build the capacity of its clients and draw more people unaccustomed to education into learning activities within its schemes and programmes. It will set its priorities and targets to include:

  • Improving literacy and numeracy
  • help open up opportunities available for 17 to 25 year-olds
  • encourage an integrated approach to raising standards
  • create a climate of continuous Improvement In skills
  • provide flexibility and all-Inclusive approach
  • open up access to learning in its localities
  • Improve basic skills among adults who have difficulties
  • manage recourses to brIng solutions
  • provide "learning for work" - innovative approaches to help beneficiaries achieve work related qualifications
  • there will be schemes for business enterprise - self- employment programmes that will build those who want to set up and run their own businesses
  • modern apprenticeship to address local needs

Our local agenda will be to work in partnership with local and cross-Borough Businesses, the Employment Service and the London Connexions covering North and East London .