The School's student population comprises two types of students:

(a) Visa Students

(b) Non-Visa Students

As a result, the School operates different types of attendance registers to reflect the different course attendance requirements. For instance, visa students; simply meaning those under United Kingdom immigration control must attend a minimum of 15 hours per week in the day from Monday to Friday only.

At the end of the teaching week the total attendance for the week scored by each student is analysed. The same process for the monthly and yearly figures. Attendance record is a very important element in the administrative procedures of the School. Most organisations that sponsor individuals prefer the inclusion of attendance details as part of the performance reports periodically required.

Poor Attendance

Punctuality is an essential requirement for an optimum learning environment. It is regarded as a basic courtesy to fellow students and teachers and an important criterion of satisfactory attendance.

A student, who arrives for lectures late, may at the discretion of the Lecturer be excluded or be marked absent if such attitude continued.

All students, regardless of their status - non-visa students or visa students, are expected to attend lectures regularly. Medical certificates must support absences due to sickness.

Absences due to sickness should be made known as early as possible to the Administrators so that lecture handouts and notes are reserved for collection from the Administrators. Every effort is made by the GSM to help students who become sick, to "catch up" with the pace of lectures.

Visa students who continually show poor attendance record without reason or reasonable excuse are sent letters informing them of the consequences that such behaviour will have on their UK immigration status. If the trend of poor attendance seriously continues, such individuals are expelled and the authorities informed accordingly.


Students are expected to attend classes regularly, for consistent attendance is an important factor in mastering the course material. Furthermore, absences (whether excused or unexcused) do not change what we expect from the student qualitatively and quantitatively. For overseas students it is hereby emphasised that UK Immigration Laws are quite strict in this regard.

The Graduate School is under obligation to provide details of overseas students' attendance and progress of coursework to the Home Office.